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Is This Holiday For Real?

2 June 2010 2 Comments

By: Kristine Schoonmaker

Today is another one of those random holidays: National Leave-the-Office-Earlier Day.  While, I must admit I have never heard of this one until this year, I absolutely love the idea – a holiday all about work/life balance and productivity!  When you think about it, particularly for consultants, there is a lot of time spent on a lot of different things.  We do them, many times without question, because providing value to the client is paramount.  But does “value” really always have to equate to killing yourself and working crazy hours, or can it also be achieved by being more diligent about how you spend your 8-10 hours a day vs. 14-16?

With so much being thrown at you all the time, maybe all it takes is pausing for moment to ask a simple question or two.

  • Is it necessary for you to be in every meeting you are invited to, really?
  • Does that presentation deck have to be finished by tomorrow, really?
  • Do all 5 assignments have to be completed by me or is there another team member that could do the job just as well, really?

Now, I realize the demands and expectations placed on consultants by their clients and firms are extremely high.  And you may be reading this thinking, “yeah right, that would never fly.”  But I also know three things about this lifestyle from personal experience. 

  1. You can’t rely on anyone else to draw a boundary for you – it will never happen
  2. It never hurts to ask – if done the right way
  3. Sometimes, you just need to take a risk

The rewards you reap may give you even greater energy and focus to continue providing value to your client and firm.

I myself am planning on observing my favorite new holiday by hitting the road at 4PM to catch a flight to Nicaragua (check back next week for pics and my thoughts on why remote, less developed countries are the BEST places for consultants to vacation).

Kristine’s Coach’s Challenge:

What is one thing (even if it’s small) that you will do to honor the spirit of the day? 


  • Carrie said:

    I had a hard time finding out if this holiday was officially on the calendar for 2010 and for what day. But I did see it listed in the June calendar in this month’s Body & Soul magazine, so I went with it. Happy travels!

  • Kristine Schoonmaker (author) said:

    Then we will too! Either way, it’s a great message – thanks Carrie!

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